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Briefly explain the major provisions of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. Also, highlight the social media intermediaries’ concerns regarding these rules After 62 years of signing the Indus waters treaty, India has moved to amend this treaty with Pakistan. Discuss the reasons for this pathbreaking intention of India to modify the treaty with implications on India-Pakistan relations further.
Directions for questions (1–10): In the
following questions, four alternatives are
given for the Idiom/Phrase printed in
bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning
of the Idiom/Phrase.
(SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 2016)
1. He advised her to give a wide berth to
malicious people.
(a) Pay more attention to
(b) Give a larger bed to
(c) Share her seat with
(d) To stay away from
Explanation: Give somebody a wide
berth means to not go too near somebody;
to avoid.
He gave his manager a wide berth.
Hence, the correct option is (d).
2. Russel Peters realty brought the
house down with his spectacular performance at the club yesterday.
(a) Passed a bill unanimously
(b) Amused the audience greatly
(c) Pulled down
(d) Defamed a family building
Explanation: Bring the house down
means to make everyone laugh or cheer.
She brought down the house with her
comedy show.
Hence, the correct option is (b).
3. Tripti gave her report quoting chapter
and verse.
(a) Spoke like a preacher
(b) Taught like a teacher
(c) Referred to religious books
(d) Provided minute details
Explanation: Chapter and verse means
the exact details of something.
I can’t give chapter and verse, but that’s
what we have could find so far.
Hence, the correct option is (d).
4. Sunil’s dog in a manger attitude did
not help to settle the matter.
(a) Cold (b) Selfless
(c) Selfish (d) Warm
Explanation: A dog in the manger means
someone who prevents others from enjoying what he or she would not use or does
not want.
Stop being such a dog in the manger and
let your friend play with your ball, if
you’re not using it.
Hence, the correct option is (c).
5. If the speaker continues with his boring speech, the audience will probably
vote with their feet.
(a) Kick him out
(b) Show their disapproval
(c) Stop him from speaking
(d) Choose him as leader
Explanation: Vote with your feet means
to refl ect opinion by going or not going
Shoppers voted with their feet and
avoided the store.
Hence, the correct option is (b).
6. I threw up my cards for want of funds.
(a) Put my whole income at stake
(b) Looked out for help
(c) Gave up my plan
(d) Gambled all my money
Explanation: Throw up cards means to
give in; to accept defeat.
The situation is bleak but do not throw up
the cards now.
Hence, the correct option is (c).
7. He worked hard to feather his nest.
(a) Trap birds
(b) Decorate his home
(c) Be the envy of others
(d) Provide for his own needs
Explanation: Feather your nest means to
make yourself richer by spending money
on yourself.
Raju’s early stints with stocks enabled him
to feather his nest quite comfortably.
Hence, the correct option is (d).
8. Shyam Prasad was a chip of the old
(a) A being of the old generation
(b) An experienced old man
(c) A common boy of the locality
(d) Someone similar in character to one’s
Explanation: A chip off the old block
means a person very like their parents in
their look or behaviour.
She enjoys shopping like her mother; she’s
a real chip off the old block!
Hence, the correct option is (d)
9. My father is undoubtedly an
arm-chair critic.
(a) Someone who gives advice based on
theory not practice
(b) Someone who gives advice based on
practice not theory
(c) Someone who gives advice based on
(d) Someone who never gives advice
Explanation: An arm-chair critic means
knowing a subject through books and
television, rather than by experience.
The film critics are mostly armchair critics.
Hence, the correct option is (a).
10. He was punished for taking French
(a) Being absent without permission
(b) Leaving without intimation
(c) Giving lame excuse
(d) Resigning without giving notice
Explanation: Take French leave
means to take leave without first taking
The caretaker had taken French leave.
Hence, the correct option is (a).

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