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India is one of the few countries where capital punishment is legal and is justified under the rarest of the rare doctrine. However, it is not just the execution in principle but the process of execution which matters. Discuss (10 Marks) ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA-DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS

DIRECTIONS (Qs. 52-54) : Choose the word opposite in
meaning to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2nd Sit. 2013)
52. Cordial
(a) Fast (b) Heartfelt
(c) Friendly (d) Hostile
53. Instinctive
(a) Innate (b) Rational
(c) Inherent (d) Inborn
54. Venial
(a) Minor (b) Pardonable
(c) Unpardonable (d) Clean
Antonyms 11
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 55-57) :In these questions choose the word
opposite in meaning to the given word and mark it.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2013)
55. Dwindle
(a) Decrease (b) Diminish
(c) Shrink (d) Increase
56. Dormant
(a) Active (b) Inactive
(c) Dorsal (d) Domestic
57. Tranquility
(a) Disturbance (b) Quiet
(c) Serenity (d) Peace
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 58-60) :Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2013)
58. Fabricate
(a) Unearth (b) Construct
(c) Demolish (d) Renovate
59. Gregarious
(a) Sociable (b) Societal
(c) Unsociable (d) Solitary
60. Pragmatic
(a) Indefinite (b) Vague
(c) Optimistic (d) Idealistic
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 61–63): Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2013)
61. Lunacy
(a) Sanity (b) Stupidity
(c) Sensibility (d) Insanity
62. Obtuse
(a) Sharp-witted (b) Transparent
(c) Timid (d) Blunt
63. Inadvertently
(a) Secretly (b) Accidentally
(c) Completely (d) Deliberately
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 64-68) :In the following questions, choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(SSC SI 2013)
64. Debacle
(a) Success (b) Response
(c) Acceptance (d) Agreement
65. Abusive
(a) Laudatory (b) Profuse
(c) Effusive (d) Noble
66. Amorphous
(a) Amoral (b) Definite
(c) Perfect (d) Irregular
67. Unitary
(a) Single (b) Triple
(c) Multiple (d) Double
68. Adulteration
(a) Purification (b) Normalization
(c) Rejuvenation (d) Consternation
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 69-70) : Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CHSL 2013)
69. Insipid
(a) Tasty (b) Colourful
(c) Colourless (d) Dull
70. Relinquish
(a) Relish (b) Continue
(c) Vanish (d) Quench
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 71-73) : Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word and mark it in the Answer Sheet.
(SSC Multitasking 2013)
71. Indolent
(a) Solvent (b) Diligent
(c) Malovolent (d) Brilliant
72. Coherent
(a) Distorted (b) Disorganized
(c) Inept (d) Carefree
73. Brutal
(a) Adamant (b) Humane
(c) Fearless (d) Criminal
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 74-76):Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2014)
74. Predilection
(a) Predicament (b) Afterthought
(c) Aversion (d) Postponement
75. Pompous
(a) Uppish (b) Humble
(c) Meek (d) Grandiose
76. Serene
(a) Calm (b) Angry
(c) Ruffled (d) Bitte

52. (d) The word Cordial (Adjective) means : pleasant and
The word Hostile (Adjective) means : very unfriendly
or aggressive.
53. (b) The word Instinctive (Adjective) means : natural : based
on instinct not thought or training.
The word Rational (Adjective) means : reasonable.
54. (c) The word Venial (Adjective) : means pardonable; minor;
not very serious and hence to be forgiven.
55. (d) The word Dwindle (Verb) means : to become gradually
less or smaller; decrease; diminish. Option (d) ‘increase’
is the correct antonym.
56. (a) The word Dormant (Adjective) means inactive.
Therefore option (a) active is the right antonym.
57. (a) The word Tranquility (Noun) means : peace, serenity.
Disturbance = a situation in which people behave
violently in a public place.
58. (c) Fabricate means construct something artificial or untrue
while demolish means destroy completely which is just
59. (c) Gregarious denotes tending to associate with others
of the same species and unsociable is the opposite.
60. (d) Pragmatic means concerned with practical matters while
‘idealistic’ means that very good things can be achieved,
often when this does not seem likely to others..
61. (a) Lunacy refers to stupid behaviour while ‘sanity’ is the
state of having a healthy mind
62. (a) Obtuse means stupid or slow to understand
63. (d) In adverent refers to – not intentional; deliberately is
64. (c) The word Debacle (Noun) means : a situation that is a
complete failure and causes embarrassment.
65. (a) The word Abusive (Adjective) means: Using rude and
offensive words.
The word Laudatory (Adjective) means : expressing
praise or admiration.
66. (b) The word Amorphous (Adjective) means : shapeless ;
irregular, having no definite shape.
67. (c) The word Unitary (Adjective) means : single : forming
one unit.
Multiple = many in number
16 Antonyms
68. (a) The word Adulteration (Noun) means : making impure
by mixing; contamination.
The word Purification (Noun) means : making
something pure by removing substances that are dirty.
69, (a) The opposite of ‘insipid’ is ‘tasty’. The word ‘insipid’
means dull, boring or colourless.
70. (b) The opposite of ‘relinquish’ is ‘continue’. Relinquish
means to ‘give up’.
71. (b) Indolent means lazy; legend refers to use a lot of effort.
72. (b) disorganised means muddled, jumbled, confused and
coherent means clear.
73. (b) humane means gentle, benevolent, civilised; brutal is
cruel and violent.
74. (c) Predilection refers to-like a lot and. Aversion is the correct antonym.
75. (b) The opposite of ‘pompous’ is ‘humble’.
76. (c) The opposite of ‘serene’ is ‘ruffled’

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