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India is one of the few countries where capital punishment is legal and is justified under the rarest of the rare doctrine. However, it is not just the execution in principle but the process of execution which matters. Discuss (10 Marks) ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA-DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS

DIRECTIONS (Qs. 26-30) :Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2nd Sit. 2012)
26. Amenable
(a) Acquiescent (b) Distrustful
(c) Inattentive (d) Unwilling
27. Conspicuous
(a) Blatant (b) Definite
(c) Obvious (d) Obsure
28. Reproof
(a) Approbation (b) Apposition
(c) Condemnation (d) Appropriation
29. Niggard
(a) Avaricious (b) Extravagant
(c) Generous (d) Miserly
30. Exotic
(a) Conventional (d) Poor
(c) Inexpensive (d) Indigenous
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 31-35): In the following questions, choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word as your answer.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2012)
31. Hasten
(a) Dash (b) Dawdle
(c) Hurry (d) Scurry
32. Spirited
(a) Animated (b) Excited
(c) Lively (d) Dull
33. Forthright
(a) Blunt (b) Tricky
(c) Candid (d) Plainspoken
34. Antagonism
(a) Cordiality (b) Animosity
(c) Hostility (d) Enmity
35. Vanity
(a) Humanity (b) Humility
(c) Pretension (d) Arrogance
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 36-40) : In the following questions choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2nd Sit. 2012)
36. Cultivated
(a) Crude (b) Genteel
(c) Suave (d) Refined
37. Impertinent
(a) Insolent (b) Impudent
(c) Cheeky (d) Courteous
38. Divulge
(a) Disseminate (b) Dissemble
(c) Publicize (d) Transmit
39. Appreciation
(a) Aspersions (b) Admiration
(c) Commendation (d) Compliment
40. Supple
(a) Pliant (b) Pliable
(c) Rigid (d) Flexible
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 41-45) :Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word).
(SSC Sub Inc. 2012)
41. Resourcefulness
(a) Scarcity (b) Stupidity
(c) Incompetence (d) Bankruptcy
42. Evolve
(a) Withdraw (b) Withhold
(c) Suspend (d) Stop
43. Antiquated
(a) Renewed (b) Unique
(c) Modern (d) Renovated
44. Pathetic
(a) Comic (b) Ridiculous
(c) Dramatic (d) Trivial
45. Fastidious
(a) Ugly (b) Shabby
(c) Shallow (d) Discourteous
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 46-48) : Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CHSL 2012)
46. Knack :
(a) Talent (b) Dullness
(c) Dexterity (d) Balance
47. Pernicious :
(a) Prolonged (b) Ruinous
(c) Ruthless (d) Beneficial
48. Opulence :
(a) Luxury (b) Transparency
(c) Weath (d) Poverty
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 49-51) : Choose the work opposite in meaning
to the given .
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2013)
49. Ambiguous :
(a) Easy (b) Plain
(c) Clear (d) Simple
50. Accolade :
(a) Permeate (b) Blame
(c) Reticent (d) Decorate
25. (d) The word Orderly (Adjective) means : arranged or
organised in a neat, careful and logical way; tidy;
behaving well.
The word Chaotic (Adjective) means : in a state of
complete confusion and lack of order.
26. (d) The word Amenable (Adjective) means : responsible;
responsive; easy to control; willing. Its antonym
should be unwilling.
27. (d) Thye word Conspicuous (Adjective) means : eminent,
easy to see or notice; obvious.
The word Obscure (Adjective) means : difficult to
understand; not well known; unknown.
28. (a) The word Reproof (Noun) means : condemnation;
blame, rebuke; disapproval.
The word Approbation (Noun) means : approval or
Antonyms 15
29. (c) The word Niggard (Adjective) means : mean; miserly;
unwilling to be generous with money.
The word Generous (Adiective) means : giving on
willing to give freely; lavish.
30. (d) The word Exotic (Adjective) means : from or in another
The word Indigenous (Adjective) means : native;
belonging to a particular place rather than coming to it
from somewhere else.
31. (b) The word Hasten (Verb) means : hurry; to say or do
something without delay. The word Dawdle (Verb)
means : to take a long time to do something or go
32. (d) The word Spirited (Adjective) means : lively; gay;
vigorous; enthusiastic.
The word Dull (Adjective) means : sluggish;
depressed; tedious.
33. (b) The word Forthright (Adjective) means : frank; direct
and honest in manner and speech; candid.
The word Tricky (Adjective) means : Clever but likely
to trick you, deceive you, deceitful.
34. (a) The word Antagonism (Noun) means : hostility;
feelings of hatred and opposition; animosity; enmity.
The word Cordiality (Noun) means : in a pleasant and
friendly manner.
The antagonism he felt towards his old enemy was
still very strong.
You are cordially invited to the celebration.
35. (b) The word Vanity (Noun) means : too much pride in
your own appearance, abilities or achievements;
arrogance. The word Humility (Noun) means : the
quality of being humble.
36. (a) The word cultivated (Adjective) means: Eductated.
It’s antonym should be : Crude.
37. (d) The meaning of word Impertinent (Adjective) is : Ill
mannered, disrespectful.
It’s antonym should be : courteous.
38. (b) The meaning of word Divulge (verb) is : Reveal, make
Its antonym should be : Dissemble. e.g., disguise or
39. (a) The meaning of word Appreciation (Noun) is :
It’s antonym should be : Aspersions, e.g, to criticise
40. (c) The meaning of word Supple (Adjective) is : Flexible.
It’s Antonym should be : Rigid.
41. (c) The meaning of Resourcefulness (adj.) : ability to cope
with difficult situation.
The meaning of Incompetence (noun) : Lack of ability.
“Incompetence” is opposite to given word.
42. (d) The meaning of Evolve (verb) : adj. develop, progress.
The meaning of stop (noun) : end, halt.
“Stop” is opposite to given word.
43. (c) The meaning of Antiquated (adj.) : obsolete, ancient.
The meaning of Modern (adj.) new, up to date.
“Modern” is opposite to given word.
44. (a) The meaning of Pathetic (adj.) : Sad, affecting. The
meaning of comic (noun) : funny.
“Comic” is opposite to given word.
45. (d) Fastidious refers to give too much attention to small
details and wanting everything to be correct.
Discourteous is rude and not considering other people’s
46. (b) Knack means a clever way of doing something.
47. (d) Pernicious means highly injurious or destructive.
48. (d) Opulence means wealthy.
49. (c) Ambiguous means – not expressed or understood
clearly. Therefore the correct antonym is option (c),
e.g., clear.
50. (b) Accolade means, an expression of praise, therefore
the correct antonym is blame

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