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India is one of the few countries where capital punishment is legal and is justified under the rarest of the rare doctrine. However, it is not just the execution in principle but the process of execution which matters. Discuss (10 Marks) ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA-DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS




DIRECTIONS (Qs. 1-5) : In the following questions choose the
word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2010)
1. Florid
(a) Weak (b) Pale
(c) Monotonous (d) Ugly
2. Verity
(a) Sanctity (b) Reverence
(c) Falsehood (d) Rarity
3. Perspicuity
(a) Vagueness (b) Dullness
(c) Unfairness (d) Unwillingness
4. Fervent
(a) Inexcilable (b) Enduring
(c) Dispassionate (d) Subdued
5. Meandering
(a) Sliding (b) Slopping
(c) Strained (d) Straight
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 6-10) : In the following questions, choose
the word opposite in meaning to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2nd Sit. 2010)
6. Jettison
(a) Accept (b) Reward
(c) Preserve (d) Consent
7. Ameliorate
(a) Improve (b) Depend
(c) Soften (d) Worsen
8. Grotesque
(a) Natural (b) Odd
(c) Whimsical (d) Sinful
9. Devious
(a) Straight (b) Obvious
(c) Simple (d) Superficial
10. Evanescent
(a) Imminent (b) Permanent
(c) Pervasive (d) Immanent
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 11-15) : In the following questions, out of the
four alternatives, choose the word opposite in meaning to the
given word.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2011)
11. Accord
(a) Disagreement (b) Welcome
(c) Disrespect (d) Conformity
12. Infirmity
(a) Employment (b) Indisposition
(c) Strength (d) Weakness
13. Feasible
(a) Useful (b) Impractical
(c) Uneven (d) Important
14. Meticulous
(a) Forgetful (b) Destructive
(c) Careless (d) Flagrant
15. Synthetic
(a) Natural (b) Plastic
(c) Cosmetic (d) Apathetic
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 16-20) : Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word.
(SSC CGL 2nd Sit. 2011)
16. Liberty
(a) Serenity (b) Slavery
(c) Serfdom (d) Subordination
17. Disorderly
(a) Chaotic (b) Organized
(c) Adjusted (d) Arranged
18. Elevation
(a) Reduction (b) Humiliation
(c) Depression (d) Debasement
19. Glossy
(a) Dull (b) Shining
(c) Weary (d) Tired
20. Appropriate
(a) Dissimilar (b) Incomparable
(c) Unsuitable (d) Disparate
DIRECTIONS (Qs. 21-22) : Choose the word opposite in meaning
to the given word as your answer.
(SSC CGL 1st Sit. 2012)
21. Impeccable
(a) Faulty (b) Tedious
(c) Flashy (d) Boring
22. Amalgamate
(a) Separate (b) Combine
(c) Assimilate (d) Integrate
23. Zenith
(a) Climax (b) Crisis
(c) Acme (d) Nadir
24. Influx
(a) Reflex (b) Deflection
(c) Effluent (d) Exodus
25. Orderly
(a) Semitic (b) Colic
(c) Democratic (d) Chaotic

1. (b) The word Florid (Adjective) means : rosy; gaudy;
ornated; red; having too much decoration or detail.
The word Pale (Adjective) means : light in colour; not
strong or bright; having skin that is almost white
because of illness.
Hence, the words florid and pale are antonymous.
2. (c) The word Verity (Noun) means : a belief or principle
about life that is accepted as true; truth.
Hence, the words verity and falsehood are antonymous.
3. (a) The word Perspicuity (Noun) means : clarity.
The word vagueness (Noun) means : no clarity in a
person’s mind.
Hence, the words perspicuity and Vagueness are
4. (c) The word Fervent (Adjective) means : having or
showing very strong and sincere feelings about
something; ardent.
The word Dispassionate (Adjective) means : not
influenced by emotion; impartial.
Hence, the words fervent and dispassionate are
5. (d) The word Meandering (Adjective) means : not straight ;
curved ; a course that does not follow a straight path.
Hence, the words meandering and straight are
6. (a) The word Jettison (Verb) means : to throw something;
abandon; to reject an idea.
Hence, the words jettison and accept are antonymous.
7. (d) The word Ameliorate (Verb) means : to make something
Hence, the words ameliorate and worsen are antonyms.
8. (a) The word Grotesque (Adjective) means : strange in a
way that is unpleasant: extremely ugly, unusual
Hence, the words grotesque and natural are antonyms.
9. (a) The word Devious (Adjective) means : behaving in a
dishonest way: a route that is not straight.
Hence, the words devious and straight are antonymous.
10. (b) The word Evanescent (Adjective) means: disappearing
quickly from sight or memory.
Hence, the words evanescent and permanent are
11. (a) The word Accord (Noun) means : a formal agreement
between two organisations, countries etc.
Its antonym should be disagreement
12. (c) The word Infirmity (Noun) means : weakness or illness
over a long period.
Its antonym should be strength (Noun) which means :
the quality of being physically strong, brave.
13. (b) The word Feasible (Adjective) means : that is possible
and likely to be achieved; practicable.
Its antonym should be impractical.
14. (c) The word Meticulous (Adjective) means : paying careful
attention to every detail; fastidious; thorough.
Careless in option (c) is the correct antonomy.
15. (a) The word Synthetic (Adjective) means : artificial; manmade.
Its antonym should be natural.
16. (b) The word Liberty (Noun) means : freedom to live as
you choose without too many restrictions from
government or authority.
The word slavery (Noun) means : state of being a slave:
a system of legally owning another person and forcing
to work for them.
17. (d) The word Disorderly (Adjective) means : showing lack
of control untidy deranged. Its antonym should be
18. (c) The word Elevation (Noun) means to increase in the
level of something.
The word Depression (Noun) means : the state of feeling
very sad and without hope; part of a surface; that is
lower than the parts around it.
19. (a) The word Glossy (Adjective) means shining, smooth
and shiny.
Its antonym should be dull.
20. (c) The word Appropriate (Adjective) means : suitable
acceptable or correct for the particular circumstances.
Its antonym should be unsuitable.
21. (a) The word Impeccable (Adjective) means : without
mistakes or fault; perfect.
Hence, its antonym should be faulty.
22. (a) The word Amalgamate (Verb) means : merge; to put
two or more things together so that they form one;
Its antonym should be separate which means :
to divide into different parts or groups; to move apart.
23. (d) The word Zenith (Noun) means : the highest point;
peak; the time when something is strongest and most
The word Nadir (Noun) means : the worst moment of a
particular situation.
24. (d) The word Influx (Noun) means : the fact of a lot of
people, money or things arriving somewhere.
The word Exodus (Noun) means : a situation in which
many people leave a place at the same time.
25. (d) The word Orderly (Adjective) means : arranged or
organised in a neat, careful and logical way; tidy;
behaving well.
The word Chaotic (Adjective) means : in a state of
complete confusion and lack of order.

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