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Briefly explain the major provisions of the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021. Also, highlight the social media intermediaries’ concerns regarding these rules After 62 years of signing the Indus waters treaty, India has moved to amend this treaty with Pakistan. Discuss the reasons for this pathbreaking intention of India to modify the treaty with implications on India-Pakistan relations further.

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1. The majority of the provisions in the Constitution need to be amended by a special majority of the Parliament, that is, a majority of the total membership of each House and a majority of two-thirds of the members of each House present and voting.

2. The expression ‘total membership’ means the total number of members comprising the House irrespective of fact whether there are vacancies or absentees.

3. The provisions which can be amended by this way includes:

(i) Fundamental Rights;

(ii) Directive Principles of State Policy; and

(iii) All other provisions which are not covered by the first and third categories.

▪︎SOURCE – M. Laxmikanth.

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