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India is one of the few countries where capital punishment is legal and is justified under the rarest of the rare doctrine. However, it is not just the execution in principle but the process of execution which matters. Discuss (10 Marks) ATTORNEY GENERAL OF INDIA-DUTIES AND FUNCTIONS


1. They serve as a reminder to the citizens that while enjoying their rights, they should also be conscious of duties they owe to their country, their society and to their fellow citizens.

2. They serve as a warning against the anti-national and anti-social activities like burning the national flag, destroying public property and so on.

3. They serve as a source of inspiration for the citizens and promote a sense of discipline and commitment among them.

4. They help the courts in examining and determining the constitutional validity of a law.

5. They are enforceable by law. Hence, the Parliament can provide for the imposition of appropriate penalty or punishment for failure to fulfil any of them.

▪︎SOURCE – M. Laxmikanth.

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